Friday, May 10, 2013

Picture Post Update

Random Asparagus coming up. I didn't plant these. You can see the potato tower behind them.

Between an event I have coming up (Territory Days in Old Colorado City), gardening, watching my son, and just the general stream of house guests during warmer months I haven't found much time to blog. Just pictures today with a few captions. Everything is growing well, even things I didn't plant myself. 

Peas starting to sprout

Sweet Basil

The Flowers I thought would die. Dog waters them more than I do...

Radishes. 4 types started this year.

Red Bell Pepper Sprout

Grandma's Rhubarb - Growing despite being trampled, buried, and never watered.

Rosemary coming in nicely. Adds great flavor to my meals.

Supersteak Tomato after being transplanted

Tokyo Long White Onions finally peaking out.

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