Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Feels Like Home Grown Tomatoes

     It's done! I'm finally moved. Might have been the hardest move I've had yet but it was worth it. Every aching muscle and sore joint was quickly forgotten the moment I tasted my first fresh tomato. Store bought tomatoes have nothing on these - NOTHING! I used to hate tomatoes. I avoided eating them at all costs. The texture of store bought tomatoes was all wrong - slimy and mushy. The taste of store bought tomatoes was... well, not there.

Juicy little round tomatoes from my planter box.
     Now these... Beautiful, freshly picked, all organic, and raised with love and care. These tomatoes are freakin' fabulous! They are tangy and bright with a firm texture that  yields nicely when you bite. I never knew that this is what tomatoes really are. I could live on them!

     Just last night my husband complimented my chicken tomato soup saying it was, "the best he had ever had." I blame the home grown tomatoes.  :)

If ever there was a plant to grow yourself... it is a tomato plant.
Here's a lovely picture to close on. One of the remaining rose varieties around my grandparents house. When Grandma was alive she had more than 50 types. Now there are only 7 or 8 types but they are still beautiful.

Rose from Grandma's House. Grandma has been gone for years but her roses live on.

Keep checking for more garden updates!